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About Kris Archer


For years, whenever anyone would ask what I did, I often found the elevator pitch difficult. PR makes sense to people and it’s often with an eye towards public affairs—particularly in the D.C. metropolitan area. But I also enjoy planning events—a lot. And, they’re not always corporate events with a clear messaging angle. Often, they’re weddings, mitzvahs or other celebrations. Connecting those dots—nonprofit advocacy communications, corporate marketing, weddings and more—seemed an impossible task for someone whose job was to help others effectively brand themselves…until it wasn’t. In 2018, I decided to stop searching for the perfect place to house my skillset and opted to build one myself!

Such is the birth story of Kris Archer Complement.

Why “Complement,” you ask? As a noun, “complement” is described as something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect. As a verb, it means to complete or enhance by providing something additional. I like to create things, and I love making things pretty. I also enjoy helping to augment things that an organization has already created to make it more presentable, palatable, publishable.

As far as original ideas go, I’ve got a lot of them. But I find that my clients do too. Instead of swooping in and imposing my ideas on a client—from nonprofits and to corporations, to brides and those just wanting to throw a killer party—I like to listen. I then take what I’ve gleaned and find a way to bring it to life, add pizzazz, edit, or simply articulate it in a newsworthy fashion.

Sometimes my role is strategic planner.

Sometimes I’m a dot-connector.

Sometimes I’m a creative partner.

Sometimes I’m building from the ground-up and managing every step of the way.

Other times, I’m asked to come in and assist with making it to the finish line.

Whatever my role is or whenever I am engaged, I take my responsibilities seriously. With me, you’ll always receive:

  • Clear, proactive communications
  • Documentation
  • Budget management
  • Clarity of expectations
  • Timeline management
  • Post-engagement wrap-up
  • Constructive feedback and thoughtful questions